Here is a Recap of What’s Happening in the World Market Today

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World Markets On The RiseEuropean markets are on the rise, world’s largest wholesale and online shopping site bagged billions, and other important highlights in the world market all happened in one day. Yes, it is possible.

European markets rise up.

Finally! After a month-long course of being on a collapse, the European markets are seen to be up today. Shares are also boosted from different companies including Germany’s Henkel and Hochtief. Thanks to Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, for accepting to hold a snap vote, which will be held in December. Here’s a look at what European countries have been doing lately:

Britain’s FTSE 100 rose 0.22%
Germany’s DAX rose 0.44%
France’s CAC 40 rose 0.46%
Italy’s FTSE MIB rose 0.66%
Spain’s IBEX rose 0.86%
And the pan European FTSEurofist 300 is up 0.4%

Alibaba pulled in over $5.8 billion this afternoon

The world’s largest online store just broke the records of online shopping today by selling goods worth $2 billion in the first hour of China’s Singles’ Day event. Last year, the company’s whole day sales record was worth $5.75 billion, and this amount shattered when Alibaba bagged $5.8 billion just this afternoon. Industry analysts predict the company could go beyond $8 billion before the day ends. Jack Ma, Alibaba’s founder and Executive Chairman said that the numbers are going crazy and they will still have to ship over 200 million packages during this day.

Singles’ Day is a counterpart of Black Friday and the famous Valentine’s Day only that this event is intended for those who don’t have a significant other. However, along with the boom of online shopping during China’s popular 11/11 or Singles’ Day, the event now seemed to be Couple’s Shopping Day as seen on video reports.

US and China agreed on a deal

After negotiations between China and Obama administration, the two leaders reached a deal to remove tariffs on tech goods.

Unilever sue an eggless mayo maker; while McDonald’s sales slumped.

Hampton Creek’s Just Mayo is looking at a lawsuit filed by Unilever for fraud and false advertising. The company is a startup with investors include Li Ka-shing, Bill Gates, and other prominent capitalists. Unilever is in rage about Just Mayo’s label and said that the label is giving buyers the impression that the product contains egg when it doesn’t.

Meanwhile, McDonald’s worldwide October sales fell off by 0.5%; however, this is not too steep as what industry analysts have expected, wherein they predict a 2.2% decline as the giant fast-food restaurant focuses on fresh ingredients.

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