Bitcoin Expo in Bangkok Happening on November 21-23, 2014

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Bitcoin Expo ConferenceBitcoin enthusiasts, investors, and businessmen are to flock Bangkok on the third week of November to hold the 2014 Bangkok Bitcoin Expo. Hundreds, if not thousands of service providers, newbies, and fanatics from all over the globe are expected to attend the affair following the success of last year’s event; thus, Queen Sirikit National Convention Center, this year’s venue is all conserved for the big day.

Queen Sirikit National Convention Center is known to be the country’s first class venue to hold international conferences. It is well-known to offer pristine hospitality and excellent facilities, which are perfect for the expo this year. With over 65,000 Sq. m expanse, the area can accommodate 5,000 participants, and 900 booths.

The three-day event is thoughtfully crafted not just for the veterans and investors, but also for beginners; thus providing different views to all participants. The expo will cover topics including but not limited to improvisation and innovation, altcoins, business engagements from different countries, and mining. Showing off new systems, technologies, and other related products that support the bitcoin industry are also on the itinerary.

The invitation to attend the expo is not only intended for the old-timers; but rather, it is also plighted for anyone interested to start with the venture. Anyone who wants to meet with capitalists and other Bitcoin aficionados is welcome to join the conference. Organizers see to a point where everybody will learn new and improved ways on how to grow every hobbyist’s skill and knowledge with their startup, get more accurate predictions from the pros, and get a one-on-one talk with the advisors.

Agendas are put in a way where attendees can make international business connections and form a definite start in the Bitcoin industry. Well-renowned speakers and mentors are also expected to facilitate the event.

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