Daily Market Analysis 26th January,2015

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Market News whyoptionsHello traders,

Welcome to yet another exciting trading week.

Friday saw the close of a whirlwind week with the much anticipated European Central Bank Announcement on future stimulus package. This lead to Brent crude being down, then going up then slumming again. The price of Gold was not the safe haven we are used to, CHF (Swiss Franc) made a cheeky comeback.

On this note there is a Federal meeting that is due to take place on Wednesday, even though there is not much change anticipated around this news break, the outcome would be affected by the Swiss National Bank. This could mean a slight decrease for the Swiss Franc (CHF) by the mid-week.

Opening on a more serious note today. The Euro (EUR) has wilted to its lowest against the greenback (USD) since September 2011. The much anticipated European Central Bank meeting had announced a stimulus program that took the market by surprise as it was higher than originally expected. Thursday and Friday were the EUR’s main days of decrease due to the announcement. I do not anticipate a comeback this week for the EURO, I feel it may decrease further by Wednesday.

Stocks also appeared to further decrease due to the ECB’s aggressive stimulus plan going ahead for this year. Having said that, the dawn of this new week, brings with it some technical wars on the Stock markets. This is between Microsoft and Apple. Even though Apple stocks rose by close of trading on Friday, I predict that for today Microsoft will precede.

Seems the greenback (USD) is one of the only currencies staying strong amid the forceful announcement. I forecast this week it will continue to stay strong against most of its majors, the Australian dollar (AUD), NZD as well as the CAD (Canadian dollar) among others.

Trading Tip of the Week:

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Happy Trading.


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