Daily Market Analysis 15th January,2015

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Gold Price DownfallGood morning,

Welcoming you with some surprising news, yesterday Gold traded below its highest level in a 12 week reign. Investors were shocked (not to mention so was I) at this sudden decrease. This must have been brought about by United States interest rates being increased as well as from the impact of other dipping commodity prices. It is puzzling, however as there is global growth around commodities. Copper on the other hand did rise as we foretold yesterday. It has increased and hit its highest in 5 years. Needless to mention the oil did fall once again by 0.9%.

The copper and oil prices are still at their lowest in over 5 years, this is causing a threat to push inflation below the Federal Reserve’s 2% forecast. This may also bring with it further speculation that the central bank may delay on hiking the interest rates. As for the European Central Bank, they too are in a war against deflation which still remains the same, reason being the currency exit from Greece still looming. This is causing the delay on the Central Bank to buy bonds as early as next week.

Standard & Poor’s 500 Index futures slightly affected after MXAP rose by 0.2 percent in Tokyo yesterday. The JPY weakened for the first time in a 5 day supremacy. As predicted the Australian dollar (AUD) did increase yet again by 0.7 percent. This was mainly due to an increase of jobs in the country. Employers employed over 37,000 workers in December 2014, this well exceeded the 5,000 employee estimate.

Most Asian stocks are continuing to rise against the rebound of the Japanese energy company Topix, which was a breath of fresh air in light of the slightly weakening JPY.

Trading Tip of the Day:

Well, after the markets ended up changing so drastically yesterday, I feel that the price of crude may just increase even if it is slightly. But not just yet, I predict this to be true only early next week. If a loss was suffered yesterday one can bet on the decrease of the Euro which will continue throughout the day.


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