Daily Market Analysis 8th January,2015

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Daily Analysis whyoptionsGood Morning,

Early birds will have noticed that there is a rise in Asian stocks this morning, after a 3 week low. Coming to light by Samsung stocks exceeding their earnings estimate amidst the low rate of the Yen. This all took place at 12.30pm in Tokyo. The index brought about a 1.1% raise in over 3 days, Samsung contributed a 0.5% to that increase. Mortgage rates are at an all-time low in the middle of tax increases in the Japanese residential market, signaling a rebound in this market.

As I mentioned yesterday that the U.S Federal Reserve may increase interest rates, it was confirmed they would rise around April 2015. This brought about it a rebound on US equities as well, and will occur while there are still apprehensions on the persisting deflation and market volatility.

Brent crude futures on the London Stock Exchange grew by 0.5 percent a barrel. This contract wilted below $50.00 yesterday. I would advise investors to totally avoid trading oil until the time that the collapse ends. It was thought by a few Federal Reserve members, that the plummeting oil prices could decrease longer-term inflation expectations, while others were worried a drop in market-based inflation measures, might reflect this decline had already begun when this volatility in the commodity had begun weeks ago.

In its fourth consecutive day of dropping, the EURO is still weakening and rebounded by 0.7% yesterday. The 18 nation currency saw this low as far back as 2 June 2006. On the other hand, in positive news, the USD is still on the rise. The greenback is now said to be at its highest levels since 2005.

Trading Tips for Today:

Even though the news is dismal there seems to be a safe haven for traders where the greenback is concerned. I know this may be getting boring for some traders, but rather be safe than sorry. The USD/EUR today would still be my currency of choice. Samsung stocks would be my other CALL of the day in the stocks sector.

Happy Trading!!!


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