Daily Market Analysis 5th January,2015

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Market News January 2015Hi traders,

Welcome to the first Monday of 2015. A New Year brings new opportunities. A new trading year which is bound to be exciting and profiting.

I would also like to introduce you to your new ‘personal trading assistant’ column. You will be able to retrieve and understand a little more on the daily markets activities. Every day you can simply log in for a mini forecast, which will make you feel more confident in starting your trades for the day.

Lets’ gets started…

Recap on what took place over the weekend:

The GPB/USD pair was measured at it’s lowest in over a year and a half. A report has announced that the U.K Manufacturing growth was extremely low for December 2014, as low as it was in August 2013. Things were not looking favorable for the EURO over the weekend, making the beginning of the week bleak to start.

Last week ended with the Central Banks having limited their holdings of the EURO, making sure to have wounded the EURO even further. With this fall from grace it is certain that the inflation is going to keep flying low on the radar in the euro-zone, with price fall of 1.1% that occurred in Spain during last days of 2014.

On a more positive note to bring in the very first Monday of the year, it seems that the US Dollar is on a good upward march. While other currencies such as the Euro and GBP are not following such a positive suite.

Deciding to CALL on the USD would be the order of the day with the revelation of the below ending as such on Friday.

EURUSD 1.1941 / 1.1943

GPBUSD 1.5288 / 1.5291.

Enjoy the US best this week, this bullish trend is positive in light of the negative partners.

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