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Binary Options Signals

There are many signal providers listed for binary options, in fact anyone can offer to give out signals and this is why on numerous occasions in the past we have expressed skepticism with regards to binary options signals as a whole. However, every once in a while there is a service that is brought to our attention. Sometimes we believe that this service in particular merits a mention.

One such service, which appears to be progressively gaining in popularity among traders, is Binary Options Signals (BOS). Generally, having previous experience with signals services and been put off due to the price you would pay for such a facility, I found BOS to be refreshing in the fact that it’s a sign up free service. My attention was then directed to the good run of results when testing the platform from following the suggested trades.

Having tried and tested the service myself, I am happy to suggest it to all existing and aspiring binary options traders.

How does it work?

Whereas most trading signal services use the method of providing signals by the use of email, SMS, Skype, the attraction of BOS is that it provides another level of providing signals altogether.

Instead of providing ‘passive’ signals, the service connects directly to your current trading account with BOS’s exclusive broker. You select the trading amount you wish to trade with, which can also become the default. Then sit back and trade while ‘shadowing’ a pro trader. Once the signal provider makes a trade, so will you. BOS is a lot closer to true ‘mentoring’ than many of the other services currently on the market. The idea is that you trail the trading signals when you can and when you are unable to, the signal provider places traders for you by simply emulating his moves in your own account.

From this web based window you can freely monitor the progress of your signals taken and change preferences at any time. You can observe the professional’s trade as they find fit and best of all, you do not even have to be logged into your account 24/7. However, the biggest brainchild of this particular signals provider is the application of a reverse button (unique to BOS) so that if you follow a provider that keeps on loosing, one can simply reverse and start follow the opposite of the signals originally provided.

Generally, a trading window runs from 11 AM. Orders placed between 2 PM and 11 AM Eastern Time the next business day are matched and processed starting at 11 AM. 2 PM. Orders placed between 11 AM and 2 PM Eastern Time are matched and processed starting at 2 PM. On standard signal providing platforms it is imperative that you are around at these times to watch for any opportunities which are signaled, so that you place the trades yourself. However, with BOS there is no time commitment and you can make your profits literally over a night’s sleep. The signal provider himself trades with this exclusive broker so you will both have the same benefits, platform, assets and expiry times in common.

Straight after signing up and logging in you will able to start trading/shadowing instantly.

Getting started is 4 easy steps away

1. Sign up with – Register an account. It only takes a few minutes and it’s absolutely free, provided you have a funded account with a broker in order for them to gain access to the service. Min deposit for free access is $500 base currency.

2. Follow a binary options signal – Link your Binary Option Signals account to your Broker account automatically.

3. Set Trades – When the Signal provider makes a trade, so will you. You choose the default amount.

4. Monitor your Progress – Monitor the progress of your signals taken and change preferences at any time.

The fundamental objective of the service is recognized at aiming to be in-the-money at least once a day. With this in mind the service intends to deliver on average, three to five signals per day, not necessarily during the specified trading window. If you are not totally satisfied with a signal provider then simply revers the program, making money is the aim for both parties and BOS included.

Give it a GO!
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