30 Second & 60 Second Binary Options

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30 Second 60 Second Trading Binary optionsIntroduced towards the end of 2011 by the SpotOption platform, 30 and 60 second trades quickly became a very popular choice to trade among traders that enjoy trading more frequently during the day. With 30 and 60 second trades, traders can potentially execute dozens of trades during the course of the day. Allowing you to capitalize on sudden news based market changes and make the most out of the opportunity in under 1 minute. These options offered in the platform are great for both scalpers who profit of short trade times as well as new traders. This way a new trader can test the waters with opening a small trade (minimum $5.00) and can enter and exit a trade fast with the potential of earning.

I found out that as a short term trader I was able to trade multiple times a day and have multiple positions open for short periods without the nag of finding the expiry times on the platform. Therefore, earning multiple profits within a few minutes.

The way to trade in short executions is simple, start your trades as you would on a normal expiry, only keep in mind that your 30 or 60 seconds start in that second the trade is placed for example: if you start your trade at 16.30.52pm the trade placed will expire 60 seconds later at exactly 16.31.52pm

30 Second Trades Explained

Asset prices are frequently changing, and the 30 Seconds trade platform gives you the chance to profit from a very quick market change. With 30 Seconds available on your platform, you can make unlimited trades that expire in just half a minute. Simply, choose an asset and predict if its price will go up or down. The 30 Seconds platform is available Monday through to Friday, 24 hours a day 5 days a week. The minimum trade amount is usually $5.00 (USD) depending on the selected broker offering 30 second trading.

60 Second Trades Explained

The 60 Second Binary Option is comparable to the standard Call/Put Binary Options. In that, you need to only predict whether the asset will go up or down. The uniqueness in that, is that as soon as the order is placed, the time is ticking and the option expires after 1 minute. Standard Binary Options have a minimum duration of 15 minutes and fixed starting and ending times. This option is being selected more often for traders on the go via their mobile applications.

Top 60 Second Mobile Trading Brokers

Broker Bonus Min Deposit Payout US Traders Review Open Account
GOptions Up to 100% $200.00 Up to 90% Review Visit Broker
OptionBit Up to 100% $250.00 Up to 100% Review Visit Broker
24Winner Up to 150% $200.00 Up to 85% Review Visit Broker

While 30 and 60 second trades have good profit potential, always keep in mind that when you stand to win a lot you could potentially lose a lot – traders need to be educated not only on the expiries a broker has to offer but on binary options and the world markets as a whole. Over-trading is generally the first mistake made by new comers – new traders want to get the most out of every market movement in order to make a quick profit. This is not the right mindset – come in to each trade with a bit of knowledge on the markets first and then making use of the fast 30 or 60 second trades to clock in your profits fast. Also one needs to take into consideration the payouts of a short expiry trade, such as 30 or 60 seconds, normally the payouts are a few percentage lower than the standard in-the-money trades that are kept open for longer than an hour up to a month.


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