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Contact us page iconIn my first 9 years of being an active Forex trader winning some losing some, I realized that uneducated trades cost more than they were worth. I started to wonder if there was a way I could make serious money on the world trade market. I decided to steer towards learning more, taking educated guesses, getting better and eventually seeing some returns.

In the later part of 2008, I started to get more familiar with Binary Options trading. I found that not only was this ‘Forex simplified’ but modest predictions on market movements could gain me some decent profits, with not having to put in so much extra efforts. Having said that, it is essential that traders have a thorough understanding of the trading basics in this field.

While binary options generally offer a fixed amount of return (be it 70-90% according to which broker you select) or no return when an option expires ‘out-of-the-money’, keep in mind there is and always will be an amount of risk that traders must be aware of prior to trading on line.

My vision for this site is to share with you a few simple yet genuine advice, good trading tips, support and the opportunity to work with only the top of the notch brokers in the industry.
Gain all the experience you need to feel comfortable and do not trade outside of your parameters. If you are disciplined, incisive and studious in this, you will reap the rewards, but you need to remain in control.

I thank you for visiting, I trust the information shared with you will enable you to become knowledgeable and profitable. For any questions, suggestions and complaints you might have please do contact me on

Jason B Kruger

Binary Options Trading carries a high degree of risk to your capital. Please ensure you fully understand the risks before you start trading,and if necessary seek independent advice. Whyoptions advises its clients to read carefully the terms and conditions of each broker before opening an account. Copyright © 2014. All Rights Reserved -