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Trading Binary Options Smart and Successful

Welcome to, I’m Jason and I invite you to walk with me through my experiences as an avid trader, trading with some of the largest brokers as well as my contribution to comprehensive insight into trading Binary Options. There are many ways to succeed in trading with Binary Options. However, you may not always find many traders that will be willing to share their ‘trade secrets’, I am happy to give you a few tips to help you get a head start in the game.

In the not so distant past, the stock market has been seen as a financial haven for investors looking to make big profits, but a stock trader is generally thought to be as fairly successful when they have achieved a rate of return of a mere10%annually, whereas now with the blooming of binary options, traders can see up to 90% return on each trade within a matter of minutes. It’s therefore fair to say that Binary options trading is one of the most lucrative ways to trade currently because of the potential for maximum gains in a minimum amount of time.

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I have created this site with the intent to become your number one go-to-guide for your binary options trading and understanding. Offering you broad information relating to education, strategies, indicators and even signals for Binary Options. Whilst offering crucial introductory advice to the ‘newbies’ and least experienced traders, therefore avoiding making the same expensive mistakes I have made.

I’ll provide you with the right tools while offering you the support and education you need, before embarking on your new money making quest. The good news to the new comers is that binary options’ trading is much easier and simplified in comparison to Forex trading. My offering for the more experienced trader would be further insight in to trading through my more analytical strategies, tips and extensive broker advice.

So what is Binary Options?

In a nutshell it is predicting the price movement of currencies, stock or any commodity for a certain time period. You buy a binary option and speculate that the price of a certain asset like a stock or commodity will rise (Call) or fall (Put). If either of your choice is true you make up to 85% in profits. If not you will lose your investment or only gain a small fraction in return.

There is no simple way to trade successfully. The single most important tip I can give you today is to find the right broker, as he holds your financial future. In addition, an awareness of how Binary Options actually work, it is also necessary for traders to be armed with the many diverse tools that are available to them, these include, economical changes in the market, reading market analysis reports, preparing simple trading strategies, all this and more can be found on the site.

  • Practice – The best way to do this is by means of a demo account – the demo conditions may differ from broker to broker. But there is nothing like getting used to a platform and the trading experience like virtual real time trading.
  • Two types of Options – Call and Put: Call is the action used when the price predicted is to go UP and Put when the price movement is predicted to go down. One of two things can happen – you are either “in-the-money” where you profit or “out-of–the money” where you lose the money.
  • Selecting a broker – Not all brokers are alike; they all have various offerings to suite various needs. However the one fundamental is selecting a reputable one, with good returns and safe secure money management.
  • Your first trade – Always enter your first trade with being prepared. You do need to identify profitable trades so that you are never over risking on bad trades and under risking on good ones. This will ensure long term success rates.


Let’s get started!

Jason B. Kruger

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